A clan based in Halo: Reach. Just a few people playing together on their free time. Contact SirFox357 if you want to join. Mic required
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 Welcome to ProphecyBane

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PostSubject: Welcome to ProphecyBane   Welcome to ProphecyBane EmptySat Feb 05, 2011 2:05 pm

Welcome to Renegade!

This is a clan based in Halo: Reach
This is a friendly, fun, social, and interactive clan.

There are 10 laws:

Law 1. This is a social clan with a max of 32 members. We will wage wars on other clans
Law 2. Yoinking from SirFox357 pisses him off. He likes his assassinations. bounce
Law 3. Stay active, or you will be kicked Smile
Law 4. Please do not kill in the clan meeting room unless allowed(and if told to stay in your seat, stay in it)
Law 5. Trolling is fun, but there is a point where you need to stop and tell the person you mean no harm
Law 6. No singing.
Law 7. Do not cheat the clan in anyway.
Law 8. Age doesn't matter, Maturity does.
Law 9. Use your mic when you are with your clan members. Its easy to communicate that way
Law 10. Respect SirFox357. He is your only leader king . No one else will be your boss, unless foxy needs someone to keep you kiddos under control

This is all you need to follow, simple right?

"Thanks and enjoy the Halo world!"
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Welcome to ProphecyBane
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